Does your building have proper emergency lights?


Emergency lights are essential for every building, whether it’s a commercial one or a domestic one. Government and local jurisdictions, thus, always insist property owners to install proper emergency lights all around the building. My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West  emergency lighting services are made following the safety guidelines and quality standards pre-determined by the government. For decades, My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West has been offering different types of emergency lighting services like testing, installing, checking and maintaining several emergency lighting systems.

Whether it is about setting up and/or replacing automatic emergency light or fixing the old LED emergency light, our experienced electricians are ready to render you the best service. While helping our clients, the certified electricians strictly follow the norms and regulations defined by the local and state Government. We make it sure that our services do not breach any type of national safety codes and building codes. Also, we perform thorough check up at regular intervals on the building lighting system and take necessary precautions or preventive measures, when necessary. Offering back up services, inspecting battery condition regularly and paying emergency visits are also included in our broad range of emergency lighting services.


Such all-encompassing emergency lighting services is crafted for both commercial buildings and domestic structures. My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West emergency lighting services are also suitable for industrial and institutional housings. So enjoy receiving all kind of electrician services at one single point.


My Neighbourhood Electrician emergency lighting services includes:


  • Installation of illuminated exit signs, other type of lighting units in specific locations like in elevators, staircase, emergency exits etc.
  • Providing back up power supply to all the lighting arrangement
  • Supply automatic emergency lights, back up services and other such essential equipments to combat emergency situation
  • Timely central backup system inspection, updating tools, replacing damaged LED emergency lights with new lights


My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West always suggests you to check all your emergency lightings time to time, and assure that they are working fine. You can also hire us for checking whether your automatic emergency lights are working fine or not, whether the power supply system of your building has correctly linked to back up system or not.


Remember that My Neighbourhood Electrician is just a call away. So the next time you need a LED emergency light repairing or other kind of emergency lighting services, call us.

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