We Offer Premium Switchboard Upgrades


For switchboard upgrades, My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West can be your ultimate destination. Old buildings mainly have those medieval wiring system with huge switchboards which completely fail to match up to the newest devices and technologies.  For a new switchboard installation My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West can be of help.

Switchboard upgrades – an urgent step for safety

Obsolete switchboards are most vulnerable to short-circuits. Your family life can be at risk if your house has those switchboards. So you need immediate switchboard upgrades if you want to spend your life safely and securely. The latest electrical safety switches available in the market are suitable for newest switchboards, which ensure maximum safety to the dwellers. An electrical safety switch immediately shuts off the power supply if it gets the smallest hint of any power leakage from a broken wire or switch.

In the past, people used to have a more simple life without a plethora of electrical appliances. But today we cannot imagine our life without dish washer, heater, chimney, refrigerator, computer etc. So we need more powerful and effective switchboard installation to ensure safety to our vacuum cleaner, computer, dryer, cooler, washing machine, fitness equipments, stereos, microwaves, home theatres, pumps, central room temperature controlling system etc.

But our old switches are not designed to deal with such diverse power supply. This is the reason why you need a switchboard installation or your old switchboard upgrades.

Without proper switchboard upgrades you may experience voltage spikes. Old switchboards and power systems are incorporated with circuits which can provide even power supply to a small number of electrical appliances. My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West offers new switchboard set up to suit your modern lifestyle requirements.

Switchboard upgrades also prevent lights from frequent flickering due to lack of power supply. You can also reduce the power consumption with these latest electrical safety switches which consumes much lower energy than their ancestors.

Nothing is more valuable than a life. Why pushing this valuable life in danger, when you can enjoy a happy and secured life? My Neighbourhood Electrician Inner West is there 24x7 to help you in your household switchboard upgrades or in your new switchboard installation. We make it sure to install safety switches to prevent the slightest chance of power leakage or any fire breakout.

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